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"Replace chemistry with food"

"Replace chemistry with food"

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This is a classic among books-guides for parents that change lives. They force you to verify your own views about self and family nutrition. Written in an alarming way, but not imposing anything. Full of interesting facts, personal experiences and insights. In some places, unfortunately, designed for people with steel nerves. It directly shows how much has changed on the food market today, makes us realize what we really eat and how it affects our health.

How was the guide created?

Julita Bator does not hide that "Swap chemistry for food" is a book that arose out of need as a result of personal experience. As the mother of three still sick children who skipped many days at school / kindergarten, had problems with allergies, took new antibiotics every now and then, she noticed that she must find the cause of these problems. She understood that treatment alone is not enough to really cure children.

After analyzing many guidebooks, books on dietetics, organic medicine, allergology, she learned what not to eat. Unfortunately, the more she read, the less knowledge she had about what to eat. She rejected solutions that were too radical in her opinion decided to change her culinary habits.

As a result, she wrote a guide that is the result of her personal experiment on herself and loved ones. In this way, the fruit of many searches was created, which had a great impact on everyone, not only on children whose immunity improved, but also on adults who could again appreciate the taste of theoretically well-known dishes (the question asked in the book is, among others, does broccoli smell?)

How to read labels, how to buy?

Today, there is no doubt that store shelves are bending over the weight of products. In every market you can easily find first-time and more original and unique products.

The problem is not the quantity but the quality of the food presented. It is also a problem to stuff ordinary, seemingly healthy food with a whole list of unhealthy ingredients. It is difficult today to get real butter, fruit yogurt without sugar, bread without milk proteins, meat from animals that did not take antibiotics ...

What is the solution then?

Buying possibly simple, local ingredients from a good source, choosing unprocessed proposals and preparing more complex meals yourself at home. Hard? Not feasible in a busy world?

At first glance, this may seem like a waste of time, but if you notice how much time you save for getting sick, how much money for medicines - there is a chance that we will never go back to the old way of eating. The task will definitely be facilitated by this book, in which the author places simple, easy-to-prepare recipes: for jams, plum jam, yogurt, kefir, juice, pudding, dinner dishes and many more.

The author does not hide that this requires self-denial, a lot of patience and knowledge. However, when we take the first step, further ones will become natural and simpler for us.

Thank you to the Znak Publishing House for providing a copy of the review book.