4 home threats: teen challenges

4 home threats: teen challenges

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Teenagers have been doing a lot for centuries to break conventions, experience something amazing and forbidden. They often use objects and products available at home for this purpose ... It is worth knowing what can be potentially dangerous.

Cinnamon challenge

Seemingly stupid, innocent fun that has occupied teenagers around the world in recent months can be a dangerous pastime with unexpected consequences.

The cinnamon challenge is to eat, without drinking, a tablespoon of cinnamon in less than one minute. And what's wrong with that? After all, cinnamon is an important spice added to rice, baked apples, other dishes, valuable in terms of the ingredients it contains. However, the benefits of cinnamon are not so obvious when you eat it with ... spoons. Typical reactions are coughing, choking, choking, vomiting and even crying.

Is such a lesson the only threat that a teenager can face? Unfortunately not.
Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde (cinnamal), an organic compound that has a characteristic flavor due to the spice. Cinnamaldehyde is also used as pesticide and fungicide. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), concentrated cinnamaldehyde can cause acute skin and eye irritation and serious internal changes ...

In addition, a popular cinnamon variety in Poland - cassia contains a lot amount of coumarin, which in large quantities is responsible for negative changes in the liver, kidneys, so in the EU the amount of coumarin in food products is limited. In addition, inhalation of cinnamon can cause severe chest pain, especially for people suffering from asthma and other gastrointestinal diseases.


Another fun practiced by teenagers, similar to the assumption of the previous one, is inhalation of chili. Entertainment, unfortunately, carries similar threats as described above. The main threat is serious breathing problems. The Western press has already described the story of a girl who died after seemingly innocent play.


The hallucinogenic properties of nutmeg have been known for many years. "Fashion", however, has recently gained momentum for fun using this spice. Therefore, if a teenager smells intensively with nutmeg, special care should be taken. This does not necessarily mean that the boy or girl ate a lot of gingerbread, most likely the reason lies in dangerous experiments.

Behind hallucinogenic effect of nutmeg a substance known under name myristicin, which works similar to atropine and is responsible for putting into a state of agitation and euphoria.
In high concentrations, nutmeg can be dangerous to health, the main threat is irritation of the digestive system, and in the long run even cancer.

The challenge of salt and ice

This is another way invented by teenagers for spending free time, which can have deplorable effects.
The use of salt and ice consists of sprinkling the skin with white spice, followed by the application of ice and holding as long as the daredevil manages. What is the threat? Unfortunately, this is how a dangerous chemical reaction occurs, which causes skin burn. If the teenager gives up the trial quickly, they will only feel burning and pain, but if they last for a few minutes, the reaction will result in burnout of the skin. The consequence of this "fun" for a 12-year-old boy were second degree burns.