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Pregnancy souvenirs. What should you keep after pregnancy?

Pregnancy souvenirs. What should you keep after pregnancy?

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You know my attitude towards pregnancy, to a state that I never glorified, to which I did not attribute any metaphysical properties. Three broken teeth, red welts on my stomach, which luckily took on a pearly shade, renewing lower back pain, are my worst souvenirs, reminding me of that period. There are, however, a few things that make you cry. Hidden at the bottom of the drawer, they wait until one day I show them to my daughter and tell how it was when two hearts were beating at me.

Pregnancy session

When a friend showed me her photos, in which the professional immortalized her different state, I knew that as soon as my belly became really magnificent, I would decide on an identical souvenir. My choice fell on one of the photographers whose gallery made a huge impression on me. Each of his photos told a different story. Model poses were authentic and unforced.
I carefully prepared for the meeting. I had my own concept of what I wanted to be in the pictures. To the town several dozen kilometers away from my town, I arrived together with a sack full of props and clothes. The most stuck in my memory atmosphere, which took care photographer. In his cozy studio he made me forget about all the complexes and felt really special.

I often look at the pictures we took that September day. Those on which my naked stomach or breasts are visible have been subtly retouched. Although I would never decide on artistic nudes, I have to admit that the trained eye and hand of the photographer can transform this type of photo into even a bit vulgar real works of art.

Or maybe a belly cast?

The custom of creating belly casts is slowly reaching us. Those who think it's just a plaster piece of the growing body are wrong. Future parents can decorate it with their own hands, or ask friends for help, or have a specialist do it. Such a spatial image can take on character by decorating it with the decoupage method. If you would like to make such a souvenir yourself, get yourself a set consisting of plaster and bandages that wrap the skin, moisturized with vaseline at that time. Fit hands of a daddy waiting for a child should be curled within two or three quarters.

Mother's diary or blog?

Just like books that record the child's achievements in his first year of life, future moms can keep notes of their pregnancy. Traditional chronicles with ultrasound photos attached are slowly becoming a thing of the past. More and more women are immortalizing their pregnancy stories in blogs. The authors of this type of texts focus not only on the growing toddler, but also share their dilemmas, thoughts and preparations for the new role with their readers. In retrospect, some women appreciate the therapeutic power of writing about important and important matters. Although you have to reckon with the fact that when we externalize, we leave information online. So it's important to keep a little privacy.


Some of us keep a pregnancy card that records the kilos. Others cannot part with the test in which they saw two dashes. Among my memorabilia was an album in which I pasted cut out newspapers and articles about the most important events of each month of 2010, when my child was born. Some of you probably decided on a DVD with 4G ultrasound recording. An interesting idea is also to assemble a short video that shows the next stages of pregnancy and a growing tummy.

How we feel, how we feel about a different state and a baby that will soon appear in the world, usually determines whether we want to keep some souvenirs from the pregnancy period or, on the contrary, prefer not to think about it.

And you, Dear Readers, have kept something interesting from the magical 9 months?