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How many children do you have? This can be checked after you treat the last one

How many children do you have? This can be checked after you treat the last one

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Pregnancy and your clothes:

First child: You start wearing pregnancy clothes as soon as the gynecologist confirms the pregnancy.

Second child: You wear normal clothes as long as possible.

Third child: Your maternity clothes BECOME your normal clothes.

Preparation for childbirth:

First child: You train your breaths with anointing.

Second child: You fuck your breaths, because they didn't have any effect last time.

Third child: You are asking for anesthesia in the 8th month of pregnancy.

Children's clothes:

First child: You even wash the new clothes in Cypisko at 90 degrees, coordinate them with colors and fold them evenly into cubes.

Second childo: You throw away only the most "soft" and wash with your clothes.

Third child: And why can't boys wear pink?


First child: You pull the baby out of the crib as soon as it sings.

Second child: You only pull out a child when there is a danger that his scream will wake up the older child.

Third child: You teach your first child how to wind up playing toys in the crib.

When the teat falls:

First child: You cook after returning home.

Second child: You pour the juice from the bottle and put it in his mouth.

Third child: You wipe in your pants and put it in his mouth.


First child: You change the diaper every hour, whether dirty or clean.

Second child: You change the diaper every 2-3 hours as needed.

Third child: You try to change the diaper before the environment complains of the stench, or the diaper hangs down below the child's knees.


First child: You take your child to the swimming pool, playground, walk, to the zoo, to the theater, etc.

Second child: You take a child for a walk.

Third child: You take a child to the supermarket and dry cleaning.

Your exits:

First child: You call the babysitter three times before you get in the car.

Second child: In the door you give your guardian your mobile number.

Third child: You tell the caregiver that she should only ring if there is blood.

At home:

First child: You stare at your child for hours.

Second child: You look at your child to make sure that the older one does not suffocate him or put his finger in his eye.

Third child: You hide from your own children.

Swallowing a coin:

First child: You call an ambulance and demand an x-ray.

Second child: You are waiting for it to send.

Third child: You subtract him from pocket money.


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