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The El-Baby collection, i.e. eight-year-old vampires

The El-Baby collection, i.e. eight-year-old vampires

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Do some teenagers need sexy tights? What underwear should eight-year-old children wear?

The topic of sexualization of children, unfortunately, appears in the media too often in the context of verbal scuffles, and too rarely seriously - as a specific threat that shows children as sexual objects, giving the kind of permission of pedophiles to their practices.

Ballerina from Jaworzno creates a collection of underwear. A few days ago, as a novelty, she presented products for children (now the photos have disappeared from the store after publicizing the case). They were next to the category for ladies, where stockings with pheromones are presented ...

The Your Case Association wrote about the case. When the controversial collection became loud, photos disappeared from the store ...

The company received 760 thousand to create a new collection including El Baby. subsidies under sub-measure 6.5.2. The goal of this program is to improve the image of the Polish economy among international partners and promote Polish export specialties. No comment?

A blank page where photos from the ElBaby collection were located two days ago

No! Comment on this matter should be loud and firm - as parents, we do not agree to treat children as a sexual object, offer them products that should serve adults.

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