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Umbilical - a party for people from the margins?

Umbilical - a party for people from the margins?

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What is umbilical for? After all, this is such an impractical custom. On the one hand, we have a sore woman full of internal fears. On the other hand, a man who, taking part in a family delivery, looking at the action of a few hours and the effort of his partner, only dreams of a quick bath and hugging the pillow. Alcohol and celebration are not in his mind. He rushes home to clean up, prepare everything so that he can return home the next day with his partner and the child. It is better, calmer and so ordinary human empathy dictates.

In addition, there are also phone calls to the family announcing the birth of the child. There are also timid or quite specific suggestions to take seriously the saying "a child not drunk - a sick child". There is also an opinion that the negation of the umbilical cord by women is close to the philosophy of the gardener dog. There are men who say that "the fact that a woman lies sore and can't celebrate, doesn't prevent them from celebrating the birth of a child." The more that they have to leave the hospital at 19, when the visit ends and instead of returning to the empty house, they prefer to share the felt joy, because ... adrenaline does not let them fall asleep.

Custom for simpletons?

Umbilical, or called "umbilical" in some regions of Poland is a coarse habit for some, during which the only purpose and attraction is to get drunk on the corpse of a newly baked daddy and his friends. For others, a great opportunity to celebrate the birth of a child, be it first, second or next. In all this, however, what matters is not whether you are celebrating, but how you do it.

In the generations of our parents, the matter was simpler. The woman stayed in the hospital for several days. The man did not have the opportunity to participate in childbirth, hence he did not experience the unpleasant consequences of giving birth to a child, which is pain, terror, loneliness or anger of a woman. The news about the birth of the child and sex reached him in the corners, and information about the state of the child's mother was given to him on small pieces of paper. The man in the whole process of becoming a father could feel lonely. It was more natural that he wanted to celebrate the offspring with other people since he had no access to the child's mother. He couldn't look in the eye, hug or support. Now all this is possible, that's why the thought of alcohol, loud music and fun, often blends with a delightfully newborn baby cuddled to the breast of a beloved woman.

Ineffable joy

Umbilical cord organized by a freshly baked daddy is an old tradition. Expressing joy of having a child. In old customs, she shows the man's fulfillment as a father and a person who contributed to the family's continuation. Such umbilical, in the opinion of men, allows you to de-stress, articulate fears, tell about doubts that in normal conditions are difficult to share. By umbilical daredevils, it is even considered a therapeutic meeting, which has more advantages than disadvantages, because it allows a man to enter a new role with greater courage and with a sense of relief hidden behind "talking" (even if the word seemingly does not suit men, in this argumentation makes sense).

Although drinking, entertainment and entertainment at a low level could often last for several days, umbilical cord was socially accepted and tolerated by women. Today, when the family model has changed in many circles, the umbilical region is also organized differently. Dads who play just after childbirth usually drink less and end the fun faster to be able to relax and pick up their partner from the hospital the next day. However, when the meeting takes place after the partner's return home, it usually has a family character and is connected with the possibility of seeing a child. Women and men play on such an umbilical cord. Most often, however, the responsibility to care for a child lies with the woman, hence the newly baked mother can judge the umbilical as a tiring meeting and far too long. Even if it takes place during the fall of the navel, that is, about two weeks after the birth of the child.

An umbilical gift

When the umbilical is carried out in a male group, men most often take alcohol with them. He appears as the main attraction. Apart from a few anecdotes told by experienced daddies, which are a nice interlude between deeper or loud chants.

In some umbilical vertebrae it is strictly according to tradition and during the meeting a man - a young dad - is given a tree to plant and a cigar, which he must ritually burn as a proud daddy.

The gift can also be quite specific. At one of the forums you can read that colleagues bought one of the daddies on the occasion of umbilical cord ... zinc ointment, thereby preparing it for the effects of a six-week period of bed abstinence, that is, deterioration of the skin condition.

And you think the tradition of umbilical cord drinking in Poland will soon disappear? Is this a good way to celebrate the joy of birth? Write!