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8 items that will facilitate the birth of a child in the delivery room

8 items that will facilitate the birth of a child in the delivery room

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Childbirth is associated not only with enormous pain, but also with effort. Therefore, before we go to the hospital, it is worth knowing what you can use in the delivery room to make labor a little easier.

What are these items?

Delivery bed

The bed in the delivery room should be specially adapted for this. Usually, delivery rooms use beds in which the height and backrest can be freely adjusted.

The delivery bed is quite comfortable, so that the birthing woman does not feel any additional discomfort, equipped with wheels that allow, if necessary, to move the bed to any place.

An additional function of such a bed is the possibility of detaching one part (option needed in the last phase of delivery, when the birthing person must spread her legs) or adding leg supports.


In some hospitals, you can use a comfortable mattress that allows the birthing baby to take any position without fear of falling. If the midwife agrees, you can also use him in the final stage of delivery.

Bath tub in the delivery room

In most hospitals, delivery rooms are equipped with special tubs, sometimes in a separate room. Bathing in such a tub filled with water allows the woman giving birth to alleviate pain and can accelerate delivery. If there are no such facilities in our room, it is worth asking the midwife if there is a possibility of using a bath tub in another room, and it is best to learn internships in a given hospital before delivery.


The shower is available to women giving birth in many hospitals. Similarly to bathing in a bathtub, it relieves childbirth pain. In addition, a massage shower around the abdomen helps to de-stress and relax, which facilitates labor delivery.

Childbirth stool

The delivery stool resembles a stool with a large opening cut out in the middle. Thanks to this, it is possible to give birth in a sitting position. Due to the force of gravity, the child has an easier descent to the birth canal.


A large ball in the delivery room can be very useful. The woman giving birth can sit on it with legs wide apart, slightly jumping or making circles with her hips. Using the ball allows the birthing child to relieve the spine and legs, it also makes it easier for the baby to go to the birth canal. Often, midwives recommend using the ball when the woman is not too wide to prepare the neck for delivery. It is worth asking the hospital to use the ball and shower at the same time. You can sit freely on the ball and shower a gentle massage. In this way, the woman giving birth relieves the spine and relaxes.


The ladder can be used to relieve the spine and legs. The woman giving birth has the option of leaning on a ladder during contraction and taking a comfortable position (e.g. light squats). Sometimes instead of ladders in the room you can use ropes that are hung from the ceiling. They play a similar role to ladders.

Sako bag

A pouffe filled with styrofoam balls is nothing but a sack. It allows the woman giving birth to any position because it adapts to her body shape. Using the saco sac allows you to relieve the spine and also minimizes fatigue associated with delivery. You can sit on it or lean back, e.g. when you are kneeling or putting a sack under your back.

Unfortunately, we have to reckon with the fact that not in every hospital we can count on helpful accessories during delivery. Some hospitals do not have such equipment (but they are really few) or do not have it, but they are reluctant to provide it to parents. Therefore, it is best to find out a few days before delivery what facilities can be used during delivery and change the hospital if necessary. However, if we know that the hospital has such items, you should demand the possibility of using them during delivery.

And you, what amenities did you use during delivery?