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"A child at school of creative thinking"

"A child at school of creative thinking"

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This is not a simple position that can be read between the lines. This is a publication that you must read in to understand its meaning.

It is also not a proposal that should be read from cover to cover, once (although undoubtedly you can, but in this way you will not get out of this book as much as you can, using the advice in practice).

It is recommended to work on the information contained in the book, systematically testing the methods used in it. The effect can be great!Unfortunately, schools do not teach thinking today. Rather, they show how to stand out and inscribe into the requirements of teachers or top-down keys.

Meanwhile, life requires us to be creative, to take a non-standard view of reality, to stand out from the crowd. They don't teach it at school. We must acquire this skill ourselves. That is why many parents today choose home teaching and invest their time and money in teaching children new skills that are really valuable in life. Thinking is one of the most important of them.

How to teach a child creative thinking? This can be done through this guide, which has been prepared very carefully, it has been provided with a great number of examples, tips on how to use them for children under the age of nine (already around four or five years old) and older between the ages of ten and fourteen.

Edward de Bono, British physician, author of the guide, creator of the term "parallel thinking" teaches:

  • behaviors conducive to thinking,
  • creative thinking methods,
  • critical thinking skills.

This position requires discipline, readiness for children, and time from parents. I would suggest a better ordering of the book: grouping methods, taking into account the child's age. However, it seems worth it. There are many benefits.

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