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I am bored with playing with the child ...

I am bored with playing with the child ...

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"I can't find joy playing with children. It bored me mercilessly. How do you do that You pretend, are you really happy putting together the same puzzle ten times or playing as a teddy bear and a doll? "- asks one of the readers.

Some say about the magical border of two or three years, after which the joy of playing with the child becomes more noticeable. Earlier, entertaining a toddler can be troublesome for several reasons:

  • from the awareness that the first years of a child's life are very important,
  • awareness that the toddler cannot play alone and needs our support in this regard,
  • due to the small possibilities of the child. As parents of several years, we have little scope to show off.

Still, the good news is that you can play with small children so that fun doesn't get bored too quickly. How?


Many parents find playing with a two-year-old or younger child boring. And it is worth emphasizing: well, it's natural. There is no point in fighting this feeling. Being with the child all day long, we can be bored ...

Let us not blame ourselves. It is worth thinking about how to plan a shared entertainment so as not to feel that we are forcing it.

This is very important. The time we give to a child, 100% attention, allows for proper development. It gives a clear signal that the toddler is important to us and that we like to be in his company.

Remember what it's like to be a child

Children's games from an adult perspective may seem boring. No wonder, after all, we celebrated our second or third birthday a long time ago. However, sometimes opening to childhood innocence and entering the world of imagination brings excellent results. It will be easier if we give the toddler all his attention, turning off the TV, detaching himself from the phone or cooking.

At least for a few minutes ...

Do not bother

Children usually have their own vision of play. They know what they want to do at the moment. It's good when the parent doesn't bother. However, if the fun gets boring, it's worth proposing something new to your toddler. Perhaps the idea will pick up.


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